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Credit: National Center for Interactive Learning/Space Science Institute

How did our Solar System form?  What are giant planets made of?  How big is Jupiter compared to Earth?  The Space Science Institute’s latest traveling exhibition, Giant Worlds: A Voyage to the Outer Solar System, answers these and many more questions in an interactive experience that’s out of this world!

The Giant Worlds Exhibition has an extensive Education Program that can benefit all educators who are interested in space science.  It has been specifically developed to serve museum educators, parents, and teachers, in order to enhance the Giant Worlds exhibit experience.

The program includes enrichment activities, in-person and virtual workshops, downloadable science resources, and connections for bringing scientists and other public programs to your host venue.

Explore the buttons on the left to learn more about what we have to offer or contact us directly to discuss the possibilities.  We’re here to help!

Anne Holland, Education Associate

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