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Online Games & Resources

A variety of interactive online games, external astronomy links for enthusiastic learners, as well as additional scholastic websites for educators.

Online Games

Interactive astronomy games for kids of all ages
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Surfing the Solar System: A Treasure Hunt Game and Puzzle
Quizzes participants about their knowledge of the Solar System in order to find the best tourist spot in our Solar System
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The Space Place
Designed for kids including astronomy based games and activities
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Juno Mission to Jupiter
This site details the upcoming Juno Mission to Jupiter, which will help with further understanding of how giant planets form, and the role they played in the formation of the entire solar system.
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Windows to the Universe
A variety of lesson plans and classroom activities for educators as well as several online interactive games and puzzles for K-12 students
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The Nine Planets: A Multimedia Tour of the Solar System
Provides information and images on the planets and other bodies in our Solar System
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Evolution of our Solar System
Provides an aesthetic depiction of the timeline of our Solar System as well as a related classroom activity
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Amazing Space
An exciting collection of web-based activities designed for use in the classroom
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NASA Space Science Education Resource Directory
A searchable database for lesson plans covering a variety of space science topics
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NASA Education
Provides resources for K-12 and post-secondary students and teachers
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Lunar and Planetary Institute
An assortment of Solar System based educational activities for K-12 students as well as additional resources for educators
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Solar System Exploration
A collection of activities to be used in classroom and informal education settings related to NASA’s planetary missions
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Zoom Astronomy
A comprehensive website about space and astronomy that provides classroom activities in addition to an overview of the bodies in our Solar System
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Center for Educational Resources Project
Provides an extensive library of space science resources for educators
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Cassini-Huygens Education
Offers the Saturn-based lesson plans “Reading, Writing, and Rings” designed for elementary school students
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Planetary Photo Journal: NASA’s Image Access
Provides extraordinary pictures of our Solar System, Galaxy and Universe
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Cassini Imaging Central Laboratory for Operations
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